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Following your BLISS just got real

Where Bliss and Mystery intersect, there is power to create a new world.

Wyrd is an old Anglo-Saxon concept that means living into your personal destiny from the fruitfulness of your uncommon nature. The dictionary attempts to define bliss as “perfect happiness, great joy.” It’s a nice start, but doesn’t really explain the magical power that is inherent in your unique nature, your personal “wyrd” bliss.

Wyrd Bliss is the source of uncommon joy and uncharted discovery and growth. It is the expression of your heart and soul. Explore your mystery and fulfill your personal destiny by acknowledging, understanding and accepting your beautiful differences.

Join me in guided self-discovery towards living into your personal destiny.


Inner Fire Coaching

Fear wears many disguises—holding back, confusion, resistance, clinging to old habits of thought.
Freedom and flow, clarity, courage and creativity come from honoring and trusting your unique nature versus fighting it.

Inner Fire Coaching is guided self-discovery that encourages you to trust your different design so that you can make a difference.

School of Practical Mystery

The School of Practical Mystery is an engaging, interactive program featuring a methodology of soul-satisfying exploration to manage the complexities, challenges and practicalities of life.

Connect, share and get support in a comfortable, shared Community space and participate in the kind of uncommon exploration that speaks to your soul.

Ready to say “Yes” to guided self-discovery of your own wyrd bliss?

Read about Allison and Amelia’s experiences with Sharyn!

Sharyn truly has a keen and intuitive ability to draw in and guide a person to their innermost thoughts and desires. I always leave our exchanges thoughtful, inspired, and desiring to stretch and grow in ways that allow me to live into my inner light and life’s purpose. I would highly recommend and gladly endorse any sessions you could have with Sharyn or participation in one of her tremendously fun hunts!

Allison Warren-Barbour

Senior VP of a large national non-profit organization, and True Bold Soul


Sharyn is a gifted guide who shares universal wisdoms through carefully intuited metaphors that spark my soul’s desires; enliven me to feel into my courage; and support my clarity so that I can choreograph my next Great Step. She listens and holds space from a special, special place of grace and ease.

Amelia Vogler

Founder of The Healing Space at, and Powerful Heart-Light Goddess

“It’s important to live life with a knowledge of its mystery and of your own mystery, and it gives life a new zest, a new balance, a new harmony to do this.

If you are following your bliss, you are enjoying that refreshment, that life within you, all the time. Follow your bliss, and do not be afraid.”

– Joseph Campbell


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