Can you imagine going through life without ever trying to understand the Mystery— of yourself, your purpose, and THE MYSTERY itself?

Life is more magical when you are connected to the Mystery, to the Divine and to your own uniquely designed and empowered inner fire spirit. “Magic” is what happens when your body, mind, heart and spirit are playing together in harmonic balance. Transformation. Transcendence. Alchemy. No longer just words, they are the reality of everyday life, when you know what you are doing.

You came here for the thrill of experience, and fresh new ideas and a kind of deeper understanding that seeking mind of yours loves so. The kind of growth that your soul thrives on.

Empower and enrich your inner mystery. Reflect that in your outer world, and it becomes the Light you are here to hold for the world.

Traveling the inner worlds and courageously co-creating with Source energy—with knowledge, skill, and love— that is what Practical Mystery is all about. Magic is an inside job. Magic is real. You just have to know how it works.

The School of Practical MYSTERY

Join me on an exciting, experiential, experimental journey of discovery to Know Yourself, Know Your Creation, and Know The Magic of Spirit—yours, your spirit guides and helpers, and the Spirit of Source.


with Sharyn Warren’s E-Courses, Workshops and One-On-One Sessions

The 4 Hidden Worlds Mystery Explained

A FREE Introductory Video Series

In Sharyn’s signature program, you will learn about the 4 Hidden Worlds of Mystery–the foundation of the School of Practical Mystery.


One-On-One Sessions

Dive deep! Find uncommon solutions, refreshing new insights, and possibly even some answers to life’s tough questions. Think of these sessions as Inspiring Conversations to supplement the courses and programs offered in the School of Practical Mystery. Skype or phone.

Magical Meditation


Learn the practicalities of magical meditation, discernment about what you want, and set up your own practice structure. This go-at-your-own-pace workshop includes access to a video series plus a workbook.

Mystical Activism

Live Virtual Classes

Connect with the Higher Realms through the Inner Plane, through magical meditation, with a small group of like-minded spirits. Interact with Sharyn and other class participants in a Virtual classroom setting. Class enrollment is limited to 7 participants per session.

Real Praise from Real People

“…She is unbelievably wise, and was able to help me discover my own truth, to celebrate and share previously unrecognized abilities and possibilities that I had dismissed…” – Annie
“…Sharyn’s ability to help people uncover their own hidden treasures is a rare gift. There was always a genuine sense of gentleness, kindness, and ease that inspired…” – Marnie

Socially Sharyn

I’m so glad you’ve found my website. It’s where the core “action” is. You’ll find fantastic courses, workshops and sessions here to participate in. To supplement the School of Practical Mystery offerings, visit my Social Media pages. There is a whole bounty of fresh new posts, videos and inspirations that I try to share regularly on Facebook and Pinterest. Come Follow me!

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