The Heart Doesn’t Lie

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Annie---Beforeb&wMeet Annie Awesome. Annie is an unusual and amazing woman. Our work together was unusual as well. Unlike many of my clients, her mission had nothing to do with an itch to help others.
No, she was on a quest to recover her Truth. She had reviewed her life, found it disappointing, determined the root problem was a tendency toward self-deception, that—as is the way of these things—bled over into making choices that were rarely satisfying.
Goal: To be happy by discovering her truth—no matter how surprising it might be. It wasn’t until she was well on her way to doing just that, when she discovered the most profound truth of all—the Heart doesn’t lie. For that matter, neither does her Spirit. Not even her body. Truth-tellers all.

Annie-Chemob&wYou might think this is where Annie’s story ends. That the most amazing part is written. But not true.

Not too long after Annie starting rocking the truth and happiness thing, she discovered that she had breast cancer. A rare type for which there is no cure. This is a real bliss-buster, let me tell you. As of this writing, she is in .01% of survivors—that’s 1%. Life has not been easy on many fronts. But she’s not done yet.

Annie-not-done-yet200x250But here’s the thing. Annie knows that Bliss is like Truth—it’s about choice and practice and freedom. All physical forms pass away—whether it is a star that takes aeons to gradually disappear or the human body. It is not a question of whether we will transition into the non-physical or not, but what we do in the space between showing up here and our return Home.
She now owns her brave spirit, awesome stubbornness and contrariness, amazing willingness to surrender to laughter, and honest heart. Her “wyrd” is her truth. Her very special gift to herself and to All That Is.

In asking her about sharing this special story, she said “And tell them this. I discovered another truth. That I appreciate the body I have at every size and in any condition.” That’s bliss.

Annie’s story gives lie to the idea that our truth, joy and purpose depend on external circumstances, other people, or good luck. Bliss is an inside job. It comes to those who seek it.

As long as you draw breath there is choice. It’s never too late to dream a new dream.

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