Illuminating The Shadow

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I have made a silly video (about 2 ½ min.). If you would like, you can watch me do something fairly ridiculous in the one below titled: “Neked Truth Dogma.” The first one (about 3 min.) gives a little info about the Shadow and is titled “Intro to The Shadow.” If you just want to skip the shows, scroll right on down to the bottom for a few tips for managing your own Shadow. Don’t bother trying to get rid of it altogether. You’d need to be an Ascended Master, in which case you wouldn’t need to be reading this post.


Before you go running over to watch this 2 ½ minute spectacle, please allow me to give you a brief bit of background.

This video came about as a homework project in an e-course creation group I belong to that is all about creativity and engagement. Infusing fun into learning.

myshadowEspecially when the learning is sometimes a dirty, demanding, sometimes even scary challenge. Our “Awakening” is often just that. Sometimes the work we are doing is heavy. That’s why F U N is so important. A necessary and sacred companion on this road to Freedom.

So, in the spirit of just that, I took up the challenge. And because my Shadow has been a persistent presence ever since I started this whole Wyrd Bliss thing, it seemed like a good subject to create “the character that I am not.”

I am not my Shadow. But I—just like you—most definitely have one. We all do.

“Sharyn, What Is This Shadow Of Which You Speak?”

Carl G. Jung first used the term “shadow” to describe the icky part of the self that we are always trying to get rid of—when we can see it. Whenever possible we repress it. Or deny it. Or at least try to. Until something happens that causes it to be obvious.

Like a big life goal. Or anxiety attacks. Or fighting with strangers on Facebook.

filmprojectorThe Shadow is something of a pugilist, a fighter. We dislike certain aspects of ourselves so much that one thing the Shadow does is project what we dislike onto others and then we fight with them, call them names, criticize or judge or try to change them. Worst case scenarios—which isn’t us—folks do horrible things to others trying to get rid of their shadow.
(See why it is so important to have F U N, and Laughter and Light here?)

Mostly Shadow is about fear. It shows up in many disguises. One of mine is an aversion to dogma. Which is really a clever disguise for fear.

Intro To The Shadow (3 min. 11 sec)

Neked Truth Dogma

(See what I’m saying?)

A Few Illuminating Tips

1. F U N. Try to have a little fun. Find something to laugh about. Be honestly a little playful about it all. I know this is serious. Painfully serious. But, Dear Heart, we have trouble functioning at our highest possible good, living into our Divine potential, when we are fraught with pain. Being crushed under the weight of our own self-dislike. That Shadow might look insubstantial in the pictures, but it really carries some weight. “Lighten up” is damn near perfect advice.

2. L I S T E N TO LOVE. Listen to the whispers of your beautiful heart. Listen to those who love you. And say so. And mean it. Listen to Love. Shadow not only packs a punch, it is a Screamer. It will loudly and dogmatically tell you things that simply aren’t true. Things that we fear. So, of course, it’s impossible not to hear. So L I S T E N very carefully. After a while you will get better and better at tuning your ears to hearing what matters. Meanwhile, here’s a little treat:

Shel Silverstein
Listen to the MUSTN’TS, child,
Listen to the DON’TS
Listen to the SHOULDN’TS
Listen to the NEVER HAVES
Then listen close to me-
Anything can happen, child,

welcomeallfeelingsandthoughts3. If you are pretty advanced in your self-awareness, self-love, and self-kindness practice, this is a beautiful and powerful meditation. Go to your quiet place, get comfy, secure. Then welcome all feelings and thoughts with equal regard. No judgement. Just notice. And allow.
And accept.
Can you stream loving kindness to it all?
Now you are practicing embracing your Dear Shadow.
And that, Dear Heart, is very, very close to unconditional Love.
The kind that lifts up the whole world. That causes us to rise.
That dissolves fear.
In certain circles, this is called


OK. Those are some pretty good tips there. Somehow we have to learn to love even our Shadow.

P.S. Jung also said “All true things must change and that which changes remains true.” (Thank you, Dr. Roz, for the reminder.)

Thoughts? Tips? Leave them below.

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