Rude Awakenings & Trouble Outside [Part 4 of 4]

by | Apr 25, 2017 | Mystical Activism

This is the fourth of a 4-part series on “The Woman Cave”.

*Special Note: This is not the “Part 4” that I originally intended. It is, however, the one that a majority of us have been facing since late last fall with the post elections in the U.S. This is my story: where I’ve been, how I got back, and—best of all—what’s coming.


In my mind, I have written to you many times during these past months. You should see the stack of drafts that have piled up.

Like so many of us, when I stepped out of my Cave late last fall, to my shock I found myself in an Alt Reality. A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. Literally.

I wanted to be upbeat, positive and above all, wise. “It’s just politics,” was the story I tried telling myself.

But my heart knew that wasn’t the truth.

TRUTH: My Soul had taken a hard hit.

Do you know what I mean?

“Betrayed” was the word that best described the feelings of the time. Deep betrayal. “I just feel so betrayed.” I don’t remember using that term to describe my feelings ever before. But it was the only one that fit.

Some familiar part of me just seemed to shut down, and Nasty Woman, with her basket of pins and pussy cat hats and flags and posters and comfortable walking shoes came blowing through the door.

I didn’t even know I knew her, much less that I AM her! Talk about meeting The Stranger up close and personal.

But that is what can happen when the Ivory Tower gets struck by lightning.

Falling, falling and not sure where we will land, how hard or soft, will we survive, and what will we see, what will we do, when we pick ourselves up again.

Frightening. Painful. The Big Un-Bliss.

And yet strangely exciting, energizing, even empowering in the oddest sort of way.


Everything is the same. Everything has changed.

I’ve been off balance. Feeling sort of lost. Aware at some point that I needed to do something for myself. Something softer than a stern talking too. Something calming. Something comforting. Something empowering. And probably something involving a little Soul Retrieval.

Something……wyrd. Because, frankly, everything about this situation feels weird. Big time.

…and Found.

So you know what I did? I headed right back into my Cave.

Not that I let on at first. It was a Secret power move. Hidden behind the veil of phone calls, marching, and Facebook rants.

And here is what I found: This odd and often fearsome, sad and difficult adventure is also turning out to be a place of Clarity, Connection, Truth, Trust and Strangely Profound Well-being.

I’d like us to think about that “secretly magnificent” part.

Because there is magic to be found here. We are getting indications that what appears as unbalanced, helter-skelter, chaotic change is actually the disturbance that is necessitated by the throes of Transformation. An old order is disintegrating, as it must, in order to make space for the New Dream.

(Not meaning in any way to make light of the situation but to call on Mother Nature to help us understand, have you ever seen what happens to a milkweed plant when a caterpillar is preparing to turn butterfly? It may not seem like much to us, but to the milkweed, it might be pretty devastating. Transformation, like birth, like life, is not necessarily gentle or easy or neat and orderly. Nor is there any indication at certain times along the way, that anything beautiful and worthy could possibly be what’s unfolding.)

Never mind that what is being cleared away may be of necessity. Or eventually serve the Higher Good of All Concerned.

It looks and feels unkind. It is disturbing. It is frightening and unbalancing. It is outrageous. And harsh.

We are in THE MEAN TIME.
That space in which what was is no more and will be has not yet appeared–like the first rays of light after a dark night. Or the crowning of the baby’s head after a difficult birthing.
But how do we survive in The Mean Time?
We learn to Transcend. And we practice.
The Mean Time, especially encourages Transcendence.

We are being schooled in learning how to choose and how to create from the Highest possible place that we can get to, the most honest, wise, good and good feeling place.

We do indeed need to Rise Up!

But first……

A Word about Following Fear

It’s easy to follow the urgent demands of fear. Very, very easy.

It definitely wakes us up.

For some of us, having been schooled since infancy to “do what’s right,” to be “responsible”, to put “head” over “heart” and that sacrifice is next to godliness, Fear is not just an hysterical voice screaming “fire!”


It also comes as the stealthy, cunning admonition of a zealous conscience to DO SOMETHING.
Most recently, the urgent and fear infused, reasonable sounding compelling voice of social/political conscience. “Fight! Resist! Persist!” “Send money!” “Get involved!” “Stay involved!”

Here’s what I’ve been reminded of–again–about trusting Fear to lead the way.

Fear puts an end to stagnation. And sleep.

It wakes us up. And gets us going.

Then that energy will take us places.

Just not necessarily any place we wish to go. Especially when it seems that is all there is.

I know. I’ve been to where it leads.

But this old soul, young Crone mystician has learned a thing or two over the years, one of which is to pay attention. Without judgement. And learn some more. And–in the momentary liberation from superstition, i.e. fear–realize there are options. Choices.

And–now that I’m not lost (and better understand my soul’s cry of “betrayed!”) — that spritz of accelerant has turned out to be a great fire starter.

Not one of those raging, out of control, burn everything up kind of blazes.

But a controlled burn, clearing out dead wood, removing underbrush that slows progress, and–now that some smoke is clearing–revealing a view that borders on a Mystical Vision.

So, NOW the fire that got lit under my ass by this bizarre election has become a controlled burn.

Turns out that with the Illumination, Heat and Energy any good fire gives off, instead of burning out, you can actually RISE UP to new heights!

Pants On Fire – Fear or Bliss

Choosing to trust your bliss, your inner fire, your heart & soul–no matter how wyrd or weird, or how you got lit up, or ill-logical and indefensible it may seem–well, it is an amazingly thing.

Leading to sacred places.

Restoring clarity, connection, truth, trust and well-being.

It’s magical.

So, without knowing where it will lead, what good it will do, and certainly incapable of giving a logical, sensible, evidenced based explanation, I find myself most days feeling positive, determined, healthy, and–very strangely–optimistic.

Which leads us (finally) to…..

A sneak peek at what this old soul, young crone mystician has simmering in her caldron.

Mystical Activism: Harnessing Higher powered Well-Being for getting through the Mean Time while Contributing to the New Dream being birthed through the Collective Mind and Soul.

Activism from the Inner Plane of wisdom, understanding, inspiration, and Being-ness.


*Individual & Group Meditation as a means to connect with and receive goodies from guides, helpers and friends in High Places.

*A lively and fun Scavenger Hunt to collect compelling evidence that all is well, that well-being in challenging times is a real thing and other treasures to inspire, enrich, improve our emotional balance and protect us for all our days.

*Presence – with our Self, each other, and, hopefully, The Divine. ‘Cause our inner fire spirit stays strong with camaraderie, fun and a bit of magic.

If you just got a little energy hit, a small shiver of anticipation, a quick sparkle of something tantalizing, then please let me know right away. It’s entirely possible you are being notified this project is meant for you.

I’ll be sending out more details soon. Right now, I am thinking about a 7-week adventure, meeting virtually once a week for study and meditation and to “ooh & ahh!” over our Scavenger Hunt “finds.” And explore the questions that naturally appear.

If you already know you are seriously interested, don’t wait. Shoot me an e-mail and let me know. will do it.

*I’ve already begun “testing” this in a small 5-member group from my Women’s March Huddle and it is very exciting.

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