“Must have’s” for decorating your Woman Cave [Part 2 of 4]

by | Apr 27, 2017 | Mystical Activism

Heads Up! This is the second of a 4-part series on “The Woman Cave”.
Today’s focus:

  • “Must have’s” for decorating your Woman Cave

Your Cave is your inner being. It is private, usually a place no one knows about but you. It is a way of being. Quiet. Contemplative. Reflective. A calm place to rest and renew. A still place to connect with your Self, with your Spiritual Guide(s), with Source.

It is Feminine in the sense that it is receptive. And—qabalistically speaking—is about form.

Which is why your Cave is also a physical space. Personal, belonging to you and you alone. A symbol representing what is sacred and magical to you. A tangible link to Mystery.

We are talking about Practical mystery today—emphasis on practical.

We live in a material world. One way we experience connection to Mystery is through connection with “stuff.” With symbols and offerings that have meaning and value to us.

angible reminders that we have gifts to offer Spirit. Tangible evidence that we are not alone. Tangible things that allow us to experience and be pleasured by Creation through our own bodies – smell, touch, sight, sound, taste.

And outward expression, manifestation of what is in you. A symbol that grounds you in this world, while at the same time, is a visual, physical, real expression—path way even—to the Higher Realms, local energy Spirit guides and helpers, your own higher Self and even Source.

Your Woman Cave is your personal altar.

It’s a really good idea to have a physical place that represents your Cave. Your inner sacred space. Something that is yours and yours alone. A room. An altar. A small collection of items that speaks of your Spirit. A talisman.


Here some considerations and suggestions.


Size doesn’t matter. Really.

I’ve seen pictures of an altar kept on a tray on top of the refrigerator—out of the way when life in the home is busy and sometimes chaotic. Brought down in the quiet of night.

I recently saw a picture of a woman cave altar on a window sill.

A personal Cave space may be kept in a small pouch in one’s purse. A single power animal totem or simple offerings that can be carried in a pocket and pulled out for quiet meditation. A small bag of herbs. It can be a collage on poster board.

And of course, if it can be arranged, creating a Woman Cave that you can retreat to for sanctuary, meditation, ritual, rest from the energies of the outside world—whatever your Woman Cave means to you.

The amount of space isn’t as important as the honesty of what speaks both to and for you.



  • Candle(s)
  • Icons
  • Representations of an animal totem
  • Personal items that have secret significance only you understand
  • Herbs
  • Colors that are meaningful to you
  • Items—or a picture–that represent the elements: feathers for air, candle or burning bowl for fire, a bowl of water, a bit of earth or rock.
  • An aroma therapy or fragrance
  • Pictures of special people or places
  • Stones or gems
  • Flowers, seeds, leaves
  • Bones, feathers
  • Singing bowl
  • Chimes
  • A sand tray
  • Rattle, drum
  • Special food
  • Whatever I haven’t thought of

Constancy and Transience


Just like geological caves, there are some items in yours that will remain constant and stable. I will probably always seek some way to have a light source, such as a candle. The added benefit is fire. Which is also the added risk. So sometimes candle light is do-able and sometimes not. But it will always be a go-to for me when possible.

A stone of some sort is another “constant.” I carry one in my purse, often in my pocket. I have them nearby when I am on the phone or working on the computer. Sometimes I hold them. Sometimes they ride on my lap. The nice thing about having a cave item that you can actually touch and hold and tote around with you is—well, just that. You can touch, hold and tote with ease. And little to no liability that I can think of right off hand.

What is constant for you? What will always be found in your own Woman Cave?


The other “constant” in our lives is change. So items in your Cave will also reflect your own changes.

They might also reflect changing seasons. Some of the items in your Winter Cave may be different than those that appear as you feel the pushiness and stretching of Spring waking up.
Maybe you find your cave shifts just a bit with the changing moon cycles. And it certainly changes with your intentions for birthing, delivering, nurturing and growing whatever you have dreamed up.

How is transience or change or the intention of NOW acknowledged, reflected and honored in your Cave?


Other Considerations

  1. If you can arrange a soothing atmosphere, do it.
  2. If you can arrange a space free of distractions & interruptions, use it.
  3. If you can have a comfy place to sit or recline, go to it.
  4. This is a BIG ONE. If your Cave is a place that others have access to—invited or not—you might want to seriously have some sort of items for clearing negativity or even just energetic presence that is loved but not yours. This is commonly done by smudging with such things as cedar, sage, sweetgrass, or a stick of palo santo. (Google it or wait until next article on “Rituals.”

Perfect conditions are not necessary. But an environment that reflects, respects and protects your sacred Self is very important.


These sit beside my comfy blue chair where I often meditate, work, read, dream.

Very practical.

In the next episode: Rituals: Why, When and How

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