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by | Oct 14, 2017 | Wyrd Bliss

Lean in a little closer. This is not for everyone.

You are one of Mother Nature’s favorites. Deep inside, you feel it. But being favored — that is, being “different” — isn’t as easy as one might think.

Let’s talk. I mean really talk.

Look around you. How many people “get you?” Who really understands your profound commitment to grace the world in some specialized, meaningful way that only you can do? Who understand how growth and meaning and purpose isn’t something that is just “interesting”, but is as necessary to you as breathing?

Many people honestly don’t understand your internal challenge: of holding the tension of yearning to be yourself on the one hand, yet working so hard to avoid problems for yourself by alarming or discomforting others.

Maybe you tell yourself: Life is Fine. And mostly it is. But the truth is, you feel something is missing, something deep and pesky that won’t let you go is nudging you. Maybe getting kind of pushy. Don’t you want to explore that nudge?

Still holding back? What are you afraid of?

Hiding behind a “I’m just like everyone else” disguise? Suppressing your “different spirit” that Nature blessed you with? Are you carrying fearfulness about judgment, rejection, the possibility of upsetting an apple cart and calling negative attention to yourself?

Fearlessness happens when you accept Nature—and by that I mean your own!—and know how to move with your nature instead of fighting against your true self. Have you noticed how people who are fearless seem to be safer and get along more easily in challenging situations than people who are more anxious and tentative?

A Time for Honest Answers.

Here are some great questions to ask yourself:

What in your nature makes you so different?
What is there to fear?
What do you have to lose by stepping into full possibility living?
What do you have to gain?
What if your “weird” is the most precious, wonderful gift you could ever have been given?
What if you “trust the design?”

Isn’t it time you accept nature — accept your nature — and stop holding back and start holding your Light from a place of love and well-being?

These are the questions that I am here to help you find your answers to.


Over time, that nudge will turn into a stronger push, that feels a bit unbalancing. You can try to ignore it, but your Inner Spirit is going to get your attention one way or the other — and is not above a kindly Bitch Slap. It won’t feel good, but in the end you’ll realize, “Wow, I needed that!”

Stop resisting! Just go with the nudge…Schedule a session…it’s a whole lot easier, fun and enjoyable, without the sting.

Comfort and Confidence are BIG helpers on this journey.


Your “wyrd” nature is where your answers are and where your power is.

Transformation. Transcendence.
You’ve got this…BLISS is waiting for you.
It’s your choice. Don’t stop now!

Play with fire without getting burned.

Tired of being afraid? Of dimming your inner light and downplaying your “difference”? Weary of apologizing for your “weird” or “woo-woo” ideas?

If your curiosity is urging you to go just a little farther to see what else you might find here, here’s the door. It’s open and you are more than welcome to visit as long as you like! Come back often to see what’s new!

Think you are ready to find out what your Bliss already knows? Perhaps Inner Fire Coaching is for you. Fan your fire–contact Sharyn today!

Inner Fire Coaching helps you embrace your differences.

Neither therapy or traditional coaching, this is more like inspired consultations, illuminating conversations, and an occasional tiny smidgeon of advice.
Between us, we will find uncommon solutions, refreshing new insights, and possibly even some answers to life’s tough questions.

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