Wyrd Bliss – Part #2

by | Oct 14, 2017 | Wyrd Bliss


Now, about that Bliss…

It is miraculous! I say, follow your bliss and don’t be afraid, and doors will open where you didn’t know they were going to be.

Bliss is hard to describe. How do you describe poetry, or music or color or joy? To really know bliss, you must be willing to surpass the intellect and embrace the experience. That said, here’s a go at it.

A Tale of Two Blisses – BOGO

There is that bliss that is yours alone—you get it from your own rare “Being-ness.” It is described by words like joy, extreme happiness, pleasure, delight. Even ecstasy.
It is more than every day happiness, although happiness is a fine start.
You feel it when ALL of you is on the same page–the harmonious feeling when body, mind, heart and Spirit are all singing the same song in their unique voice.

And—while not excluding the manifest world at all–it is much, much more than the fleeting “ecstasy” of physical pleasures—like chocolate, hot stone massage, and other delights. Not instead of, but much, much more than. Capiche?

And then there is the Bliss of connecting with the wisdom of the Divine, Infinite Intelligence, the Big Wow. Words like transcendence, transformation, completeness, union, oneness come to mind.

Once bliss AND/OR BLISS appear, you will never feel bored, think anything that happens in life is senseless, take fear too seriously, or believe that you are alone. It feels ever new, infinite, expanding and profoundly loving.


I wouldn’t be talking to you about BLISS if I didn’t know it was real. And immediate in many forms. And accessible at all times in a variety of ways. And the most reliable way to receive whatever you need for whatever you want.

Here’s what’s the BOMB:

Either one will lead you to the other.
Now that’s what I call a great deal—that’s a lota’ BLISS.

And they work as a team: enlightening, empowering and lighting up the way.

A common sense wisdom path the likes of which we are just beginning to discover. And I believe the way that is ushering in the next great human awakening—namely, that we are co-creators with the Universe.

So back to my question for you.

Are you ready to say a hearty YES! to the great adventure of your lifetime—your own Wyrd Bliss?

P.S. A gentle reminder, courtesy of my little near death experience: life is eternal, but the body you are inhabiting for this particular gig has an expiration date on it. If you intend to do something special, now is the time!

Full possibility living. No regrets. What do you say…

Are you IN?

The School of Practical Mystery

We need a language for talking about the things that, up to now, we have had no way to talk about. We need to know how to get to our own bliss. And we especially need a path to accessing and downloading the immense resources of BLISS.

That’s the “why” of The School of Practical Mystery. Because you can’t really enjoy the immense gifts of BLISS unless you are willing—and know how—to dance and have fun with Mystery.

This Wyrd Bliss is an adventure, this journey into honesty and trust and transformation. Like all great adventures, it changes us, we are transformed. Not into someone else. No. We are returned to ourselves, to the bigger, truer version of who we are, who we are meant to be.

Equipped with abilities and new possibilities that have been there all along, waiting for us. It’s the “miraculous” thing that Joseph Campbell alluded to — Follow YOUR Bliss.

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