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Humans have recognized the presence, value and meaning of shapes in our lives for many thousands of years. As universal, archetypal symbols they speak a wordless language that the spirit within us recognizes. Our preference for these 5 basic symbols can tell us a lot about ourselves—they are like having a snapshot of where our energy, focus and interest are at the present time.

How to take the Quiz

There are 2 ways you can go about this.

1. The simplest method is to study the shapes above and then select the one that is your favorite. Do your best to choose the symbol to which you are honestly most drawn. Our inclination is to pick the one that we have tended to like or that we believe we should like best. But you will get more useful information if you choose the one that you are actually most drawn to right now. After you have decided on your symbol, scroll down and check out your information.

2. The second method is based on the work of Angeles Arrien. In her book Signs of Life, she suggests ordering the symbols in order of your preference, from most to least liked. She believed that the position of the symbols also shed light on your current situation. I won’t give away what Ms. Arrien suggested the order choice means until the end of this quiz. Don’t peek! singlecenteredcurlyarrow


In India, the triangle was called the Mother, and acts as the mother of all form. Formed from 3 points, it represents all Trinities and connection to the Divine. It is also the symbol for creativity. It symbolizes manifestation, doorway, portals. It stands for goals, visions and dreams. When we are focused on our vision, we are infused with fresh energy, drive. As such, the triangle also represents fire. In choosing the Triangle as your preferred symbol, it indicates a desire to manifest an important goal or dream. Honor your vision. Your goal is attainable. What are you desiring to create now?


The circle symbolizes motion, beginnings, the womb or protected space, infinity, union, cycles, spiritual energy. It universally represents wholeness and the Great Circle of Life—birth, youth, maturity, old age, transformation, re-birth. As such, if the Circle is your preferred symbol, it indicates that you are beginning or ready to began a new cycle. It could be a new growth cycle, or a time when you are particularly pushing for greater meaning and purpose. A time when you are calling on the strength of greater self-reliance as well as reliance on your connection to Source. You are at a point where something is now complete in your personal journey and you are at the beginning of some important new venture in the direction of self-realization.


Expansion, creativity, journeying, growth and evolution are all symbolized by the spiral. The spiral is one of the oldest shapes recorded, even before humans had access to writing. It is strongly associated with the cyclical forces of nature: monthly lunar cycles, yearly solar patterns, changes of the seasons, patterns in plant growth and fertility cycles of all of life.
As such, if you are especially drawn to the symbol of the spiral, you too are focused on change. In times of change, it is important that we remain flexible. That we maintain a balance of being both forward looking and having a grounded focus on the here and now. So that the steps taken are in alignment with where we wish to arrive. Trust the process and move.


Unlike the circle or spiral which represents heaven and the spirit, a square is made up of straight lines. As such they symbolize security, structure, order, grounding, foundation, stability, earth.
The square is also represented by the number 4, which also symbolizes materialization. If the square is your preferred symbol, it is an indication that you are experiencing a strong need to complete an inspired plan, are intently focused on bringing a project from an idea into a fully materialized form. Your action is aligned with your intention. And your intention is to get it done. You thought about something new, then nurtured it through the gestational process. Now you are ready to birth it into reality and watch a new kind of growth.


The equal armed cross is the universal symbol for integration, balance and relationship.
To the ancient Celtics, it represented the meeting place of Heaven and Earth. In ancient Greece it represented the four elements. To the Native Americans it was the “cosmic cross” representing the four directions and the four winds. It is a symbol for synthesizing, joining, balancing and connection. If the equal armed cross is your preferred choice, you may be particularly focused at this time on a meaningful relationship in your life. Whether your attention is on your shared journey with another, a process of finding greater balance, or integrating the dynamic energies of spirit, emotions, mind and the physical aspects of your life—it is all about connection.

Instead of selecting 1 preferred symbol, did you go with Option 2 and order all 5 from most to least liked?

In Signs of Life, Angeles Arrien proposes the following as indicators:

Position 1 is where you think you are now.
Position 2 refers to your strengths.
Position 3 is where you actually are now.
Position 4 speaks to your motivation.
Position 5 suggests old or unfinished business.

If you went with Option 2, I strongly recommend you get a copy of Signs of Life: The Five Universal Shapes and How To Use Them for a more in depth understanding of the nuances that positioning makes.

In The School of Practical Mystery we will be doing a deep dive into signs, symbols, systems of understanding and the language of Spirit. It’s going to be profound. It’s going to be enlightening. It’s going to be so much fun.

I hope you will join us!

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