7 Essential Beliefs For Bliss Seekers

by | Nov 5, 2017 | Wyrd Bliss

1. You believe the unyielding truth that YOU matter, including how you feel. That might sound like a “duh” statement, but take a moment to reflect on how often you may still make choices or carry legacy ideas that, in one way or another, say you don’t matter. You have to believe that YOU and how you feel matter more than past experiences, uncomfortable situations, or even old familiar habits. Being fully conscious and in choice that YOU MATTER is simple, sure, but often not easy.

2. Whether you know what you are doing or not, you believe that you are responsible for what you create. Are you good with that? Because if you still think that what is going on in your life—or not going on—has nothing to do with the quality of your inner life, your Inner Fire, then you will never get to where you want to be. There is great power and freedom in ownership.

3. You honor your own nature and believe in the unity of your body, mind, heart and Spirit. You seek to discover the special gifts unique to each of these wisdom worlds.

4. No matter what you are feeling in any given moment, you believe you can come into a higher, improved state if you wish to. You can change how you feel at will. Do you know how? And are you practicing?

5. You believe in the power and purpose of letting go. You are willing to release what is over, whatever no longer serves you, or is out of alignment with the truth of what you want in your heart. If your distinctively different spirit is diminished, then it’s time to let go. This may mean releasing an old identity that doesn’t fit and certainly getting yourself out of self-limiting, boxed-in beliefs. How free are you today?

6. You believe that being “different” is a great gift and allow that Bliss is real. You accept no limits on what is possible for you.

7. You believe that the world you wish to create is possible and that there are practical tools for transformation and transcendence to help you live the special life and fulfill the specialized work that belongs to you.

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