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I’m Sharyn Warren, and I am a spiritual junkie, an incessant explorer and untamed seeker of wisdom, meaning and purpose. Solving life’s puzzles, exploring truth and meaning, perpetually nurturing my own soul’s growth as well as others, exploring the Inner Plane Higher Realms—these are all as natural to me as breathing. And just as necessary.

I have two convictions. One is that life is meant to be enjoyed. The other is that you and I are here to perform a special service on behalf of the Collective, something that requires a unique design…an uncommon spirit.

I have always felt a connection to the unseen world. An interest in philosophy, spiritual mysticism, the esoteric and occult, and what today would be called ‘New Age’ thought, each contributed to my sense of personal and transpersonal Spirit.


Symbols, tarot, the labyrinth, qabalah, spiritual writings, meditation, mandalas, the hidden creative power of words, mystical magic, Mystery — are my playground. I have uncommon clarity, see connections in things that appear disconnected, and can discern where inner life (self-truth and freedom) and inner death (rationalization and conformity) live. I walk between the worlds of the seen and invisible, the known and the Mystery. It is sublimely exciting!

My past includes a master’s degree in Clinical Social Work, and years of working with clients at my private psychotherapy practice, specializing in clinical hypnosis and leading labyrinth workshops and retreats. As a therapist, I dedicated my career to helping as many people as I could within the boundaries of traditional practices.

But, in my heart, I knew that traditional therapy, traditional coaching, traditional anything wasn’t what I came here to do.


On February 17, 2013, Spirit notified me, in no uncertain terms via an unforgettable near death experience, that “time is up.” Life – and work – as I had known it, was over. I didn’t need to be told twice. It was time to make some changes.

I don’t do therapy anymore. And I am pretty sure what I do now is not “traditional” coaching. More like Inspired Consultations and Illuminating Co-Creative Conversations. Teaching. Sharing. Exploring. Discovering. Celebrating.

Being able to be myself, having the freedom to speak openly and honestly about matters of the Spirit—this is where Life is. I believe Spirit approves.

All I’ve ever wanted was to just be myself. Mystery knew—better than I—that’s where MAGIC would be waiting.

Are you closing in on

–Sharyn Warren

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