Inner Fire Conversations



Light provides clarity for seeing what you need to see, for being who you need to Be, and for doing what you need to do. Whether you are seeking illumination to clear up a small confusion, or need a savvy – and insightful – cohort to help you figure some big shit out.

Hold Your Light. You are beautiful!

one-on-one sessions with Sharyn

Inner Fire Conversations are supplemental one-on-one sessions to the courses and programs offered in the School of Practical Mystery. It’s time to dive deeper, find the freedom, joy and courage to BE. Get extra help “figuring shit out” in a way that is inspired by-and true to-your spirit.

Trust your design—the design that was given to you so you can do what you came here to do.
Inner Fire Conversations can provide:

• Freedom to simply BE yourself, instead of feeling you have to hide some vital part of your make-up, mainly so important others won’t be uncomfortable or critical.

• A way to understand “what you are supposed to do”—your purpose, your soul’s work.

• Help figuring something out that is causing you untold frustration, something that you are sick and tired of dealing with but is so important you can’t let it go.

• A way to feel more secure. And complete. And maybe even magical. By this I mean, having an open channel for contact with Spirit.

Keeping secret about who you are and what you can do is no longer tenable

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