Magical Meditation

A 3-hour video course


Meditation opens the portals to creativity and courage. You already know that there is more to everyday life than what meets the eye. You already know that higher level energies are what leads to manifestation. But maybe you don’t know how to manifest as a high level co-creator with Spirit.

Magical Meditation is about far more than learning a type of meditation. You become more deeply and joyfully connected to yourself, to your spirit guides and helpers, and to Source.

Active and receptive purpose-directed, it is a western style of meditation that offers the same benefits that the more commonly known eastern style does — PLUS the benefit of supporting personal dreams and intentions in cooperation with Spirit.

In addition to using power symbols that are personal to you and specific to what you want, you will learn how to work with the 4 worlds of creation: Communion with the Divine; Blueprint (or Design) of your Creation; the World of Formation (your thoughts and feelings); and the world of Action (guidance in taking right action that leads you where you want to go).

In learning how to travel in all 4 worlds, you will discover high Magic. You’ll learn how to:

  • Transform your problems into “internal gold”
  • Transcend the unchangeable to see beyond the limitations of circumstance and be set free

After completing your Magical Meditation e-course, you can sign up for additional one-on-one conversations with Sharyn, for clarity and refinement or adjustment to changing conditions, desires, or needs.

“Through proper use of meditation, symbols, images and seed thoughts, we can create a mind-set that perceives life in a new manner. We begin to see underlying patterns, and we access our greater potentials and release them into our normal consciousness. We discover solutions to problems and we add energy and animation to our lives.”

— Ted Andrews, Secret Doors of Qabala

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