Mystical Activism

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Many in the metaphysical world have been talking about AWAKENING. In politically progressive circles, the talk is of being “WOKE UP”!

Mystical Activism is about actively managing the challenging winds of change guided by a heart that wills for things to be truly great, even beyond what the mind can imagine. And the conviction that the well-being we wish to see in the world will be channeled through individuals acting in cahoots with Spirit.

Because…“when one is helped, ALL are helped.”

I refer to this as an “experiment” because—just like the activism we are having to learn how to do on the physical plane—this Mystical Activism is a new way of connecting the outer and inner worlds for good all the way around.

As in the journey to every great discovery, you need to be open, free to roam and wonder, curious about new information and experiences–even when the meaning or purpose is not yet clearly understood, and open to the possibilities that live beyond the boundaries of “logical.”

A Public Service Announcement from Guidance

Just after the election, for the first time in my life, I became politically active. For me, it was a “woke” experience that was somehow directly connected to “awakening.” Participating in the Women’s March on Washington in many ways was a mystical experience. However, early on I began feeling energetically empty doing things we were asked to do as “resistance.” Although I understood the importance of “doing”, my heart wasn’t in it—phone calls, town halls, protests. Ugh.

One morning as I was about to make more (dreaded) phone calls to politicians, I found myself wishing for some sort of “magic”–spiritual magic–something from the “higher worlds.” That would make things right again. That would BE right and good. Something that would feel good.

That thought alone was a relief, had more energy and felt much better. And feeling good makes sense to me. Like an important message from Guidance worth paying attention to. My “ask” must have made sense to Spirit, as well.

“Ask and it is given”. A path opened up, synchronicities happened, and Mystical Activism is now a real “thing.”


  1. To steady ourselves with high powered personal well-being, even—or especially!—during difficult periods that I call “the mean time.” Times in which we become woke to claiming our own purpose and power and creative courage.
  2. To assist in helping to awaken the New Dream for the Collective. What some call the Age of Aquarius. And to help the passing of the old to be as peaceful as can be.

We accomplish both of these endeavors by opening a direct access channel to the Spiritual realms via meditation that is energetically active–focused, specific, loving.


Because, in order for anything you do to have real and lasting beneft, it has to have spirit. Without your spirit, it has no energy. Without support from Spirit, it cannot last.

For action to come from your spirit, it has to be personal. About you. Who you are. What you desire. What is real and meaningful in the life you are living and the life you wish to experience.

For action to become manifest and enduring, it must be a channel for Spirit in the service of All That Is. Ultimately, what serves LIFE is what abides.

Here’s the Practical Mystery part. Your intentions for high level inner well-being that energizes, empowers and illuminate you AND being in service to The Divine Good become one and the same project.


Mystical Activism is focused on personal empowerment through contact with and guidance from the Higher Realms. The “action” is a special kind of meditation that works with the language of the soul, i.e., symbols—which are energetically creative.

  1. “The 4 Hidden Magical Worlds Explained” provides an easy way to understand and work with the mysteries of who you are and how everything gets created.
  2. “Beginning Magical Meditation” provides fundamental knowledge and practical skill-building using the tools of “magic”: clarity, focused attention, intention, active imagination/visioning and receptivity.
  3. Skillfully stirring in the power of Self-Knowing, i.e., personal abilities, special inabilities (yes, those serve us too), the truth of what the heart desires, and
  4. Practice, practice, practice magical meditation—in solitude and in unity within a small meditation group.

When we work in unity to Hold the Light, we ARE stronger, brighter and more powerful

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