School of P‏ractical Mystery

Calling all Spiritual Adventurers, Meaning & Wisdom treasure seekers, and Old Souls looking for Fresh, new Discoveries!

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a method of exploration that you carry inside of you, that is dependable, has the highest degree of accuracy—TRUTH—possible, be deeply meaningful, is able to reliably help manage the complexities, difficult challenges and ordinary practicalities of life in a soul-satisfying way?

AND — get this — be both Universal while also being 100% uniquely yours?

Welcome to the School of Practical Mystery

A unique place where you can participate in the kind of uncommon exploration that speaks to your soul.

…where you and others seek out meaningful answers the to difficult questions that you have had for a long time.

…where you can enrich your abilities for discernment (clarity), growth (wisdom and understanding) and skillful manifestation (“Life is beautiful!” results vs. “Oh, shit—how did that happen?”)

…where you can understand and practice the skills of transformation and anything else you need to know to have a Flaming Awesome Wyrd Bliss Wonderful Life With Purpose!


Transformational & Empowering resources that honor your different spirit, uncommon gifts and the Great Work that is yours to fulfill.

Tired of the solitary journey?

Learn more about the alchemical magic of transformation

  • Bridge the gap between the manifest world and the world of Mystery
  • Become more skillful in personal transcendence for purposes of enrichment, empowerment, joy, creativity, problem solving, and well-being in every day life.

Exciting transformational e-Courses and supportive resources

  • For people who are deeply spiritual but feel they lack a personal, coherent internal process or structure for discernment and growth and optimal well-being.

Connect with Like-minded Wisdom Seekers in the Bliss Sanctuary

  • Meet up with other uncommon spirits for trading discoveries and insights.
  • Give and receive love and encouragement, share resources, sing songs, and simply connect in a comfortable shared space.

What is the School of Practical Mystery all about?

Come to a place where sometimes, for just a few moments, it may be possible to touch the Divine, to visit Home. Without having to croak or miss out on that trip to the beach you’ve been planning all winter.

Featuring Head Mistress Sharyn Warren, who, after more than 6 decades in this lifetime, more than 3 decades of professional training, skill building, & experience, quite frankly, now knows some pretty cool shit.

Special Guest appearances by various young and old Crones, wisdom teachers, spiritual adventurers, and—maybe even someone very special indeed—YOU.

If you haven’t already saved your spot by opting in, go ahead and do that NOW.
I don’t want you to miss a thing!



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