School of P‏ractical Mystery


Guidance that every good “mystician” needs

The world is changing at a dizzying speed.

No one has time for 30 years of studying deep, esoteric mysteries—as powerful and benevolent as they are.

In The School of Practical Mystery, you’ll access fundamental knowledge and gain basic skills that will serve your spirit—and thus Spirit—for a lifetime of ever expanding well-being, clarity, freedom, growth and delight.




One-On-One Sessions with Sharyn Warren
Dive deep! Find uncommon solutions, refreshing new insights, and possibly even some answers to life’s tough questions. Think of these sessions as Inspiring Conversations to supplement the courses and programs offered in the School of Practical Mystery. Via Skype or phone.



With this FREE introductory video mini-workshop, you will learn a simple, easy way for understanding this complicated life and be introduced to the secrets of inner balance, spiritual connection and even “magical” transformation.
Foundation Knowledge to Know Yourself.
*The most valuable knowledge you can ever gain!



In this e-course workshop, you will learn and practice an important skill for co-creating with Spirit from the Inner Plane through mediation. This is a very specific form of meditation that speaks the symbolic language of the soul. It is an excellent introduction to beginning a new meditation practice for both newbies and experienced meditators looking to explore new ways of working on the Inner Plane.
Foundation Skill-Building for Magical Co-Creating
*Suggested Prerequisite: 4 Hidden Worlds Mystery Workshop.



There is no better feeling than being able to “work” from the higher inner worlds. In this special “live” group workshop you will learn how to put the foundation knowledge and basic skills you have acquired to really ramp up your personal well-being—and to empower the work you wish to do on behalf of All That Is. We live in the world of “action” where everything you do—and don’t do—creates something. As a powerful creator, you want to make sure your “creation”—the life you are living and the gifts you are giving—are one’s that delight and fulfill as you hoped. AND, that the action is easy, safe, familiar and effective.
When you co-create with Spirit, that delight and fulfillment often far exceeds expectations!

Learn to Master the three principles of The School of Practical Mystery

1. Know Yourself.

The decision to love yourself is a big deal. It takes awareness, practice and know-how. Self-loving cannot be separated from self-knowing. Know, like and trust your Self! This is the work of Heart.

2. Know Your Creation.

When you understand the “what”, “why”, and “how” of what you are creating, you can create the life your heart and soul desires.

3. Know Spiritual Magic.

Having direct contact with Source for guidance, protection, uncommon well-being, and the simple awe and wonder of momentary companionship with the Divine.

SOPM is a unique program…

Where you can engage in the kind of uncommon exploration that speaks to your soul.

Take part in a series of programs and learning circles where you can:

…Seek out meaningful answers to difficult questions

…Enrich your abilities for clarity, growth, wisdom and understanding, and skillful manifestation. Learn how to do it with Spirit—your own highest spirit, your spirit guides and helpers, and SPIRIT, Source, what some call “God.”

…Understand and grow skillful in the art and science of Practical Magic and make life more enchanting. Magic happens when you use your ability to transform the garbage in your life into gold. And what you can’t transform, you will discover you can transcend.

…“Graduate” with resources that will serve you faithfully the rest of your life.

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