Here are some nice things people have said about me.

Being a true blue introvert, it’s a bit dicey but important, I think, to be acknowledged. You know what I mean. These people didn’t have to share their appreciation in this way, so I took it upon myself to recognize and appreciate them — both those that are OK being seen and those who needed to wear sunglasses to avoid public recognition.

Sharyn truly has a keen and intuitive ability to draw in and guide a person to their innermost thoughts and desires. I always leave our exchanges thoughtful, inspired, and desiring to stretch and grow in ways that allow me to live into my inner light and life’s purpose. I would highly recommend and gladly endorse any sessions you could have with Sharyn or participation in one of her tremendously fun hunts!

Allison Warren-Barbour

Senior VP of a large national non-profit organization, and True Bold Soul

Sharyn is a gifted guide who shares universal wisdoms through carefully intuited metaphors that spark my soul’s desires; enliven me to feel into my courage; and support my clarity so that I can choreograph my next Great Step. She listens and holds space from a special, special place of grace and ease.

Amelia Vogler

Founder of The Healing Space at ameliavogler.com, and Powerful Heart-Light Goddess

Sharyn’s ability to help people uncover their own hidden treasures is a rare gift. There was always a genuine sense of gentleness, kindness, and ease that inspired the kind of truthfulness with myself that was necessary for me to get moving where I wanted to go!
What I loved most about the Scavenger Hunt group is that Sharyn created a community of like-minded individuals where it was truly easy to share, engage and learn! Just knowing that I was a part of this community gave me a sense of belonging and certainly gave me the peace to know that I wasn’t alone in my quest. The group provided encouragement, friendship and a safe place to talk about the everyday challenge we face in coming into our awakening.


Creator at Global Home Tours and Barefoot Books, and Courageous Adventuress of Inner and Outer Worlds

In becoming the incredibly honest and authentic person I always wanted to be, everything changed—absolutely everything! I consider the results of our working together to be a true miracle. Even with all of the health challenges I am facing, I am happy in a way that seemed impossible. Doors have opened inside to new possibilities that I never thought to explore.
Sharyn is so approachable—I always felt heard. She is unbelievably wise, and was able to help me discover my own truth, to celebrate and share previously unrecognized abilities and possibilities that I had dismissed. I will always be thankful to Sharyn for her generous spirit and loving soul.


Cancer Survivor, and Flaming Awesome Funny and Wise Woman

Sharyn’s coaching is invaluable to me. She channels the power of her knowledge and conviction to help me navigate the sometimes overwhelming “waters” of strategizing my new business direction. Her creativity, warmth, engagement, and compassion are unparalleled in my experience. I am grateful that I can benefit from her experience and skills….Bliss!”

Rosalind Heiko, Ph.D.

Pediatric Psychotherapist, and Rare and Beautiful Spirit

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